History of Hathersage Brass Band

Hathersage Brass Band takes its name from the small, North Derbyshire village of Hathersage close to the South Yorkshire border.

Hathersage Band was formed on 4th November, 1882 as the 'Hathersage United Brass Band' and early in 1883 the first fourteen new instruments were purchased from a London company at a cost of £61/4s/6d to be paid monthly at a rate of £1/5s/0d. The cost of a Cornet then was £3/3s/0d.

The band is unusual in having been in continual active existence ever since this date and has played through the two world wars when it was sustained by its older members to keep local spirits high.

It has also played at many significant events in the surrounding districts over the years. One was the involvement in, and playing for, various stages of the first lighting of the village by gas on 14th December, 1908.

Another more recent event at which the band played a significant part was the large party given at Chatsworth House in honour of the late Duke of Devonshire's 65th birthday.

The current band draws its members from a wide area around Sheffield, Chesterfield and the Hope Valley whose ages and abilities vary widely but the standard of playing is generally good.

The band chooses to no longer enter competitions in order to preserve its relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Regular events include outdoor concerts in a number of villages to celebrate their Well Dressings, Fetes and Galas during the summer season and during the winter the band is busy with Christmas concerts and playing carols.

The band originally rehearsed in a back room of the Little John pub in Hathersage but when the landlord retired this was no longer possible and due to no other suitable venue being available in Hathersage, the move was made to a little chapel in Grindleford.

This was the band room for a good number of years, but then due to the lack of congregation at the chapel, it had to be sold. The band now rehearse at Green Lawns, a community hall in Marsh Lane, Eckington, North East Derbyshire.